Black Friday 2020: What to Expect From It This Year?

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Black Friday is both a great day to save money while shopping for the holiday season and a time of dread for shoppers who would rather not deal with the chaos spilling out of stores. With current events forcing consumers to stay home as much as possible, what can we expect from Black Friday 2020? A helpful guide on navigating the shopping season this year can help you feel safer, create a plan to get as much of your holiday shopping done as possible and save money.

Why Is Black Friday Called Black Friday?

Black Friday received its name in 1966 when newspapers ran an ad in a stamp collectors’ magazine called The American Philatelist. The phrase became part of a story about the Philadelphia Police Department describing the pandemonium at shopping centers the day after Thanksgiving, when employees called in sick to get a head-start on holiday shopping. The day also yields great profits for retailers, and accountants use “black” to indicate profits (“red” signifies loss).

What Is the Difference Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

When answering, “When is Black Friday,” one may mention Cyber Monday. As always, Black Friday 2020 falls on the day after Thanksgiving, when the holiday shopping season officially starts. The Monday after Black Friday is Cyber Monday, when online retailers offer shoppers deep discounts. This year, Cyber Monday could become bigger than Black Friday, with more people staying at home.

Is Black Friday Cancelled in 2020?

Despite world events, Black Friday remains on the books this year. Expect the major shopping day to look different this time. For instance, some stores offer discounts earlier than usual and have several shopping events while adhering to the latest safety guidelines. So, when answering, “When does Black Friday start in 2020,” the answer is the same day as usual.

When Does Black Friday Start This Year?

Black Friday 2020 starts November 27th. Still, you could discover deals earlier than that, many e-retailers already started putting early Black Friday deals online. We cover the best of these early deals at the end of this post. These deals will be updated daily.

How Does COVID-19 Impact Black Friday and Cyber Monday This Year?

Expect COVID-19 to impact Black Friday and Cyber Monday differently. For instance, in-store Black Friday shoppers may not face massive crowds as they did in years past. Even then, expect bigger crowds the closer it gets to Christmas day as last-minute shoppers scramble to finish their lists. For that reason alone, get your shopping done earlier. Regarding Cyber Monday, more people than ever shop online now that safety guidelines dictate that we reduce large gatherings as much as possible, like those in grocery stores and brick-and-mortar retail stores. While shopping via computer, tablet or smartphone proves convenient, online retailers may struggle to keep up with online orders, so get your online shopping done earlier than usual this year. Retailers can expect sweeping sales during Black Friday 2020, Cyber Monday and the following week, known as Cyber Week. Hopefully, you feel well-informed and well-prepared for Black Friday 2020. For more shopping tips, check out our buying guides. Happy shopping!

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