Best External SSD To Buy Today

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Speed counts in computing. If you have a new or recently upgraded rig, you need external storage that can keep up with all of that raw power. For virtually all computer owners — and console gamers, too! — that means you need a solid-state drive.

What Is The Advantage Of SSD over HDD?

First, an SSD is faster. The average hard-disk drive takes several seconds to boot up your computer’s operating system. Some even take minutes. A typical SSD can do the same complicated job in a fragment of the time thanks to its flash memory. It can also perform all of your computer’s other routine tasks lightning fast as well, such as loading files and programs and transferring data to and from your PC, Mac or game console. SSDs are also quieter. While an HDD is full of spinning, whirring and otherwise motile parts, an SSD has precisely zero moving parts. Instead, it uses silicon for its mechanical (and totally silent) storage. Because an SSD doesn’t rely on moving parts, the odds of it taking damage are significantly lower than those of an HDD. The end result? Your data is safer — and your power bill might even be a litter lower, since setting all those internal components in motion with an HDD takes a lot of energy. At the very least, an SSD is better for your computer’s battery life. SSDs are also fragment-proof. Disk defragmentation is part of the job when you own an HDD. Because of the way it divides your data during storage, an HDD drive has to constantly search for the blocks of content requested. Predictably, this slows down data retrieval. The more you store on your drive, the worse this fragmentation and crawl typically get. SSDs, meanwhile, don’t have this problem. Defragmentation is never necessary.

What Should I Look For When Buying An SSD?

In addition to making sure the SSD you’re eyeing is compatible with your operating system, there are three primary points to consider:
  • Size: There is almost no reason to purchase a drive with under 256GB of storage.
  • Speed: Most users will find the standard 5,400-rpm drive sufficient, but if you often need to transfer large files quickly, you might opt for a faster model.
  • Portability: If your SSD is going to travel on the regular, consider a smaller and more lightweight design.

The Best Solid State Drives To Buy Today

Before you purchase any portable storage, you should do your homework and consider your own computing context. That said, here are three of the best external SSD models available right now:
  • Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch: This credit card-sized 500GB SSD is small in stature but big on power and offers a James Bond-quality fingerprint reader for security. You can get the 500GB model for $109.99 on Amazon now. It’s a $20 discount.
  • Crucial X8 Portable SSD: This sleek 1TB SSD is super-fast, with read speeds reaching 1,050MB per second. It’s little wonder why it’s a preferred choice of gamers looking to expand their console storage. The 1TB model is on sale on Amazon. You can grab it for $149.95 now. It’s $40 cheaper then the original price.
  • SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD: It seems weird to describe external data storage as sporty, but this dust- and water-resistant 2TB SSD is just that. Designed to withstand bumps, skips and shocks, it still packs 550MB/s of reading speed underneath its rugged exterior. The 1TB model is on sale on Amazon these days. You can grab it for $189.99 instead of $279.99.

The Best Cheap SSD Deals Today

Sandisk Extreme Portable External SSD (500gb)

• Read Speed: 550Mb/sec
• Write Speed: 500Mb/Sec

G-Technology G-Drive SSD (500gb)

• Read Speed: 560Mb/sec
• Write Speed: 560Mb/sec

SAMSUNG T7 Touch Portable SSD (1TB)

• Read Speed: 1050Mb/sec
• Write Speed: 1000Mb/sec

Western Digital My Passport External Portable SSD (1TB)

• Read Speed: 1050Mb/sec
• Write Speed: 1000Mb/sec

Seagate Ultra Touch SSD (1TB)

• Read Speed: 400Mb/sec
• Write Speed: 400Mb/sec

With each passing year, SSDs gets smaller, speedier and more affordable. Let us help you snag the on-the-go storage you need at a price that won’t blow up your budget. Also, please consider checking our computer accessories deals section for more SSD drive options.